JD Group reports an over 10-fold growth in Q3 net profit
According to Q3 reports released on 15th November, JD Groups Q3 trading amount achieve RMB 158.8 billion, non-GAAP net profit year-on-year rise ... [2016-11-22]
Walmart reshape Sams Club to bet on China affluent consumers
Chinese consumers perceive imported as premier high-end products. In the past two years, Walmart repositioned existing 14 Sams Club in China, ... [2016-11-22]
Carrefour expect to have 40 Easy Carrefour CVSs by end of 2016
The retailing giant Carrefour entering China in 1995, it has been developed in China for 21 years with strong market expansion. Along with the c... [2016-11-22]
Coca Cola selling all Chinese bottling plants
Swire Group and COFCOs China Food announced its business trades with relevant Coca-Cola companies in China respectively on the morning 18th Nove... [2016-11-22]
JJY IPO application approved by CSRC
The IPO application of Shandong JJY Group Co. Ltd has been approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission on September 14. JJY is going to be... [2016-9-30]
Metro Chengdu High-Tech Outlet open
Metro unveils its third new outlet this year on September 22 in High-Tech District, Chengdu, numbering the 85th store in China. This new outlet ... [2016-9-30]
YUM board approve to split off China business
The board of YUM Brands granted permission for the YUM China business spin off, according information on evening September 26. Yum! China run it... [2016-9-30]
Largest Walmart flagship store in Southern China located in Huiyang
Walmart opens its largest flagship store in Southern China at Guiyang Qingquan City Square, covering an total commercial area of 20,000 square me... [2016-9-30]
Starbucks to start online delivery service
Starbucks is about to accomplish its delivery service construction in China before the financial year 2017, online orders will be delivered withi... [2016-9-30]
Parkson launches the first premium supermarket in Shanghai
A 3000 square meters Parkson Supermarket is launched lately, located at the central part of northern Shanghai with a wide coverage of Baoshan, Ho... [2016-9-30]

The Year's Largest Retail Event to unveil in Wanhan Central China
Invitation to the 16th China Retail Industry Convention
Retail O2O Convention 2014 to be held in Nanjing
The 12th China Retail Asset Protection and Loss Prevention Forum
Circular Use of Standardization Pallets Promotion Conference
Invitation to the 15th China Shop & China Retail Industry Convention